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First Name Last Name College Title Department Category Phone (Extension) Email
Anisha Ahuja HMC Faculty Department of Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts Academics (909) 6218022 (18022)
Anisha Ahuja CGU Student Administrative Arts and Humanities Program Administrator
Ana Ahumada POM Dining Services Manager Dining Services Main Dining Services (909) 607-9278 (79278)
Yan Ai CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Iosefa Aina POM Associate Dean, Director Draper Center VP & Dean of Students (909) 6079994 (79994)
Andrew Aisenberg SCR Professorhistory History Academics (909) 607-3198 (73198)
Fazia Aitel CMC Associate Professor Of Modern Languages (French) Faculty and Instruction Academics (909) 607-0477 (70477)
Elmira Akbaripourdibazar CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Asuman Aksoy CMC Crown Professor Of Mathematics And Roberts Fellow Faculty and Instruction Academics (909) 607-2769 (72769)
Abrar Al Maghribi KGI Phd Student Riggs Dean's Office Students
Shalom Alaichamy TCCS Post Doctoral Therapist Counseling Center Training Unit Counseling Services
Ibrahim Alamir CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Jennifer Alanis HMC Associate Dean For Institutional Diversity And Title Ix Coordinator Division of Student Affairs Student Affairs (909) 6073470 (73470)
Angelica Alba CMC Building Attendant I Facilities and Campus Services Resident Halls Facilities (909) 6071833 (71833)
Elisa Alban POM Registrar Vice President and Dean of the College (909) 621-8147 (18147)
Khalifa Albanna CGU Student Administrative Payroll Students
Joshua Albo TCCS Plumber Plumbing and Heating Shop Facilities (909) 621-8051 (18051)
Alcala,Rita Cano Alcala SCR Assoc. Prof, Chicano(A) Studie Chicana/o Latina/o Academics (909) 607-3543 (73543)
Susan Alcaraz POM Groundskeeper Grounds (909) 621-8242 (18242)
Alan Alcid CMC Temporary Recreation Instructor Roberts Pavilion Health and Wellness (Staff and Temps)
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