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First Name Last Name College Title Department Category Phone (Extension) Email
Cathy Endress POM Academic Coordinator, Music Music General (909) 621-8155 (18155)
Chris Schabow POM Academic Coordinator, Neuroscience & Molecular Biology Neuroscience (909) 6072348 (72348)
Barbara Sangsland POM Academic Coordinator, Physical Education Athletics Physical Education Club Sports (909) 607-8843 (78843)
Natalie Hughes POM Academic Coordinator, Physics & Astronomy Physics & Astronomy (909) 621-8724 (18724)
Evelyn Khalili POM Academic Coordinator, Politics Politics (909) 607-2448 (72448)
Sandy Lundergan-Price POM Academic Coordinator, Psychology Psychology (909) 607-2227 (72227)
Melissa Fitzpatrick POM Academic Coordinator, Romance Languages & Literature Romance Languages & Literatures Academics
Stacie Takase POM Academic Office Operations Coordinator Vice President and Dean of the College (909) 621-8676 (18676)
Sydney Torrey HMC Academic Program Coordinator Department of Engineering Academics (909) 621-8124 (18124)
Rosie Fernandez CGU Academic Secretary Art Arts and Humanities Program Administrator
Jennifer Mack CGU Academic Secretary F02 Arts and Humanities Program Administrator
David Merten-Jones CGU Academic Secretary G02 SSSPE SGH Program Manager
Rudolph Ganaden PIT Academic Support Coordinator Academic Support Admin Staff Student Affairs (909) 607-0213 (70213)
Aurelio Puente CMC Academic Technology Specialist Academic Technology Services Information Technology (909) 627-1289 (71289)
Brittany Klingfus CMC Access Assistant Facilities and Campus Services Facilities (909) 607-7148 (77148)
Susan Sellons POM Accociated Students Of Pomona College (Aspc) Desk Supervisor Associated Students of Pomona College (909) 607-2268 (72268)
Lilian Medina-Taboada PIT Accountant Business Affairs Treasurer's Office (909) 607-7469 (77469)
Elizabeth Hatfield TCCS Accounting Assistant Financial Services Business Office (909) 607-4416 (74416)
Janna Stockton TCCS Accounting Associate HMC/ Accounting Team Business Office (909) 607-0809 (70809)
Christina Ayorinde TCCS Accounting Associate CGU/KGI Accounting Team Business Office (909) 621-8261 (18261)
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