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Christine Kelly CGU Director Career Services Student Services Assistant Vice President
Claudia Monica Capra Seoane CGU Associate Professor (Tenured) Economics 02 SSSPE SGH Dean
Collins Ejiogu CGU Director Of Operations And Auxiliary Services Finance Vice President
Cynthia Bierman CGU Special Assistant To The President Office of the President Assistant Director
Dana Kaiser CGU Administrative Assistant Finance Finance Vice President
Danielle C Centeno CGU Assistant Director Teacher Ed 3
Darleen Peterson CGU Assistant Profesor Scgh Office of the Provost
David Amico CGU Professor (Tenured) Art 02 Office of the Provost
David Drew CGU Professor Edu 01 Dean SES
David Luis-Brown CGU Associate Professor (Tenured) English Arts & Humanities Dean
David M Kallemeyn CGU Data & Evaluation Coordinator Teachers Ed
David Pagel CGU Professor (Tenured) 02 Office of the Provost
Deborah F Carter CGU Associate Professor (Tenured) Edu 3 Dean SES
Deborah Freund CGU University Professor 1 Office of the Provost
Delacy Ganley CGU Dean Of The School Of Educational Studies Office of the Provost
Donna Standlea CGU Executive Assistant To The President Office of the President
Eliana Leon CGU Senior Grant And Contract Analyst ORSPG Director
Eddie Partida CGU Director 01 Director Teacher Education
Eric Bulson CGU Professor (Tenured) English 02 Office of the Provost
Estela Valdez CGU Sr Accountant For Finance 3 Finance Associate Vice President
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